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B-Town's BEST Food & Drink Contest

Locally Voted Dining Awards for Burien, Washington

Participate as a voter today for B-Town's BEST Food and Drink contest and enter to win a FREE $100 gift card to the Burien dining establishment of your choice!

The Choice Is Yours!

Awarded To: A Lucky Winner
Good For: Any Burien Restaurant, Bar or Sweet Shop

The voting period for 2017's B-Town's BEST awards has ended as of September 23, 2017. Stay tuned for this year's results with an announcement from The B-Town Blog coming soon!

Bonus GIFTs

As an additional Thank You for your participation today, we'll send you a collection of special gifts from these local Burien restaurants.

Bonus Gifts to be included in your Thank You email you will receive after completing your vote today.